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The Scarlet Letter

by Nathaniel Hawthorne

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Table of Contents

Editor's Note
The Custom-House
Chapter I. The Prison-Door
Chapter II. The Market-Place
Chapter III. The Recognition
Chapter IV. The Interview
Chapter V. Hester At Her Needle
Chapter VI. Pearl
Chapter VII. The Governor's Hall
Chapter VIII. The Elf-Child And The Minister
Chapter IX. The Leech
Chapter X. The Leech And His Patient
Chapter XI. The Interior Of A Heart
Chapter XII. The Minister's Vigil
Chapter XIII. Another View Of Hester
Chapter XIV. Hester And The Physician
Chapter XV. Hester And Pearl
Chapter XVI. A Forest Walk
Chapter XVII. The Pastor And His Parishioner
Chapter XVIII. A Flood Of Sunshine
Chapter XIX. The Child At The Brookside
Chapter XX. The Minister In A Maze
Chapter XXI. The New England Holiday
Chapter XXII. The Procession
Chapter XXIII. The Revelation Of The Scarlet Letter
Chapter XXIV. Conclusion



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