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Myths and Myth-Makers

Old Tales and Superstitions Interpreted by comparative mythology

by John Fiske

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La mythologie, cette science toute nouvelle,
qui nous fait suivre les croyances de nos peres,
depuis le berceau du monde jusqu'aux superstitions de nos campagnes.
--Edmond Scherer


To My Dear Friend,
William Dean Howells,
in remembrance of pleasant autumn evenings
spent among werewolves and trolls and nixies,
I dedicate
this record of our adventures.

Table of Contents


I. The Origins Of Folk-Lore.
II. The Descent Of Fire.
III. Werewolves And Swan-Maidens.
IV. Light And Darkness.
V. Myths Of The Barbaric World.
VI. Juventus Mundi.
VII. The Primeval Ghost-World.


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